Spring Break Forever Bitches!

Happy Spring everyone! If you’re in or around the Tri-State today, your first day of spring looked like mine…snowy. I am so ready to leave winter behind and break out the flip flops! Everyone is getting ready for or just got back from Spring break across the nation and unlike my title and quote from the movie Spring Breakers may suggest, my break was incredibly boring.

Last Week here at MSJ, it was Spring Break and basically all I did was work, plus I was getting over some type of Bronchitis. I ended up listening to several podcasts on my drives to work and trying to catch up on movies that I had yet to see. It brought out my love for true crime shows/movies/books. I began my week by watching Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Which was an Oscar nominated movie, starring Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson. The movie is about a mother who lost her daughter over a year ago, after she was raped and killed. The mother, played by Frances McDormand buys three billboards outside of town hoping to get the attention of the cops of the town, who she believes are not doing enough to find her daughter’s killer.

Without giving away anything, I thought the movie was very well done. While it was longer, I really enjoyed the movie. There were a few twists that I did not see coming and that were well written. However, I am among the majority and agree that it did not deserve Best Picture (which it did not get). There were some plotlines that were not made clear or had loose ends as well as the redemption of the racist cop at the end, being unnecessary. To an extent however, he got what he deserved and had an eye-opening experience, but did not deserve the grace he received from the main character.

After watching this movie, I decided to look into a new podcast, that one of my professors had recommended, My Favorite Murder. While listening to the podcast about the Golden State Killer, the hosts of the podcast, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, mentioned a book entitled I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. The book is written by a woman on her journey to find out who the Golden State Killer is. I’ve begun reading it and I can not wait to finish it, so far it is so good. I do not want to spoil it for anyone, but one of my favorite quotes so far in the book is “The case dragged me under quickly. Curiosity turned to clawing hunger. I was on the hunt, absorbed by a click-fever that connected my propulsive tapping with a dopamine rush.” (From: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark written by Michelle McNamara). It is actually a true story about her journey.

Another podcast I decided to listen to this past week was Call Your Girlfriend. This show is hosted by Anne Friedman and Aminatou Sow. I listened to their podcast entitled “Millennial Pinkwashing” and learned about a thesis Anne had written about Shine Theory. I’ve attached the link below this paragraph and it is worth the read. It’s my new philosophy on life!


I am going to try to discuss it on MountCast this week, so definitely check out the podcast tomorrow evening!

So, while I have been drowning in podcasts and movies this week, there have been some exciting things going on in the pop culture world. Apparently Cardi B is pregnant, according to TMZ. While neither her or Offset have confirmed these rumors, everyone truly believes them. I mean could you blame us after Kiley Jenner? Anyway, this would be Offset’s fourth child and if the rumors are true, I could not be happier for them!

Speaking of Offset, Migos new music video for Walk It Talk It was released this week and it’s confusing. In a 70’s themed video paying tribute to Soul Train, the group and Drake are over-the-top dressed for disco with their platform shoes and afro wigs, the dancing and rap song just do not mesh. However, you get sucked in from the time the “game show” called “Culture Ride” begins with Jamie Foxx as the host, to a dance off, and by the end you feel like maybe this somehow did work?


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THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD (live-ish blog)

Season 1 Episode 1: Review


10:00 PM

I just finished watching the first episode of Netflix’s new series, The End of the F***ing World. The show begins with a teenage boy telling  a story about why he thinks he is a psychopath and then flips to a girl telling a story about how her life is so shitty. They meet up at lunch and begin a “romance”. Well, she thinks it is a romance, he just wants to kill her. The episodes seem really short and do not have much dialogue between characters, but there is a lot of narration by both the characters to the audience.

I like Alyssa. She is aggressive, angry and blunt. I can not not look at her freckles, they are literally so perfectly placed on her face. James reminds me of the kid who plays Norman Bates in another netflix series. He is dull and a psychopath. Also, I forgot to mention, the characters are British, which makes their characters even more loveable if I can use that word to describe a psychopath and an agressive teenage girl who uses words like “c**t.

There was a lot of hype about the series from my friends and professors, so I am excited to continue watching. The fact that the episodes are short, makes you want to watch the next one to know what is going on and I am about to watch episode 2. I can not wait to see what happens to these two “lovebirds” who just ran away together.

Episodes 2-6

1:00 AM

So, I just finished watching episodes 2-6 because this show is SO GOOD. You really can not stop watching and like I said the episodes are so short so it feels like I have been watching a movie. If you do not want spoilers, stop reading now!!!!!

Okay, so the two decide to squat at this random house and Alyssa wants to have sex with James. Well she begins giving him a blow job and he tells her to stop, so she gets mad and then finds a random guy to hook up with. While that is going down, James is being nosey downstairs and discovers these pictures of these dead girls that the man who own’s the house has raped and killed. There is a video camera with video footage, also. So I don’t know about you, but I would be getting Alyssa and getting the HELL OUT of there.

So, anyway, the dude comes home, tries to rape Alyssa and James kills the man with the knife he has been carrying around, because you know he wants to kill Alyssa. So they just have this dead guy and laying there and do not know what to do, so they clean up the crime scene, scatter the pictures and leave the body for someone to find. WELL, the man’s mother finds him, but she takes the pictures and BURNS THEM. AND BURNS THEM. Like I do not care if this was my son, I’d be like boy you got what you deserved.

Anyway, then we get this weird storyline between the cops investigating the case because I guess they have a history or something, but like I really  do not care, like get back to the kids. So anyway, the kids are on the run and Alyssa is really pissed that James killed a guy so they go their seperate ways for awhile, but eventually come back together, steal a car, rob a gas station, and decide to go find Alyssa’s dad. At the end of the episode, they get to his house. THERE ARE ONLY TWO EPISODES LEFT, we’ll see what happens.

Episodes 7-8


Well, I just finished the show. If there is not another season, I will be so pissed. The show basically ended on a cliffhanger, did they shoot James? Will he go to jail? What will happen to Alyssa?

The last two episodes were wild, but they were still calm, like the others. James and Alyssa found her dad and they end up staying with him for a couple days, James really is not fond of him and Alyssa is so ecstatic to be back with her dad that she can not see that he is a real douchebag. Eventually, after their few days of living free and fun, she realizes her dad is not so great. He actually has another kid, who he does not care for, he never was the one sending her birthday cards, and HE RAN OVER A F***ING DOG.

So, the kids decide to leave on his boat, but Alyssa’s dad has watched the news and wants to turn them in for murder, so that he can get the reward money. One of the cops show up and James hits her over the head, after Alyssa stabs her dad with a knife, so they take off running toward the boat, like they’ll be able to run away. James tells Alyssa that he will take the blame and he runs off towards the ocean, while officers are shooting at him. We hear a final gun shot and the screen goes black.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Netflix how can you do this to me? How can you just end it like that. I’m not sure if we are supposed to believe he is shot and the kids go to jail and that is the end or if we are supposed to be awaiting another season to see what happens. Personally, I feel that the kids should go back to their lives, James has finally understood what its like to have feelings and he has a father to go back to, who loves him. Alyssa on the other hand, has a crap step dad, so I just hope that her mother will leave him, live with Alyssa, and learn to show her the love she needs. This way the kids can go back to living normally.

As for the whole murder thing, since the guy’s mother turned in the video camera, even after she burned all the photos, hopefully the prosecutors/police will realize that the kids had done it in defense.

Overall, the show was pretty good. While, I want to know more, I do not really need to. The hype that people gave it was not necessary, but it was a great watch.

Christmas 2017

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Even though it did not seem like Christmas at all where I live, considering I got home from university and my parents did not even have a tree up! But over all it was a very blessed Christmas for my family and I and it is still not complete!

Every Christmas, I always have several parties and get-togethers to go to: both grandparents’, my great grandmother’s, and my great aunt’s party. Sometimes, there are more scattered throughout the month, but these parties are the ones I attend every Christmas. Christmas weekend, however I only had two to attend. On Christmas eve, I went to my great grandmother’s house for her party and on Christmas Day to my mother’s parents house.

Every Christmas Eve, we pack our big family into my Granny’s small house in Georgetown. It is always cramped, hot, and loud; but it is always a blast. While I feel saddened because this could be my Granny’s last holiday, I am filled with Joy, because I could tell she was so happy to see this big family all together, even if we were missing a few. I had helped her open her presents from everyone and she got some tank tops and a night gown with lace on it and she could not stop giggling like a little girl. She looked at me and said, “Well, I am almost ninety years old and they want me to wear these” and she just giggled. I was so grateful to be able to see her like this. It was so much fun.img_7527


Christmas morning, was usual, but sad as well. While, we always go to my grandparents’ home on Christmas Day, my cousins were going to be at their mother or father’s house, so it was a really quiet Christmas, but we are going to be celebrating with them this Friday. Even without the kids running around, we had a great time, we had brunch, opened presents and played card games.

I love the Christmas season, because I get to get together with all my family, exchange gifts, and just spend time together as we celebrate Jesus’ birth and what he did to lead us on the way towards everlasting life.

REVIEW: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

A Review of Wes Anderson’s movie from a gender criticism.

moonrise fam

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) was a quirky, adorable coming of age movie about exploration, escape and growth. Sam, an orphan boy scout and Suzy, a problem child decide to run away from their lives and live out in the woods. While, Sam wants to stay out in the wilderness forever with his girlfriend and later wife, Suzy expects to get caught and only plans to stay for a few days, since she left her brother a note that she would return his record player in a week or so. The film explores how the children decide to escape from their past and explore the wilderness for a place to live. However, they do more than explore the woods, they explore themselves and each other. The twelve year-olds partake in a bit of sexual exploration, but they also learn about each other and learn about themselves. By the end of the movie, the couple have grown. They realize they are still kids, unable to escape their parents quite yet, but they still find a way to be themselves and grow in each other as we see them living out their life together.

Whether the ending is meant to be a happy one or a sad one, Moonrise Kingdom (2012) is a Wes Anderson movie that still gives us typical gender roles and expectations even in a movie about growth, exploration, and escape. The first time we see the typical gender nonsense is really when we meet the characters. The movie is set up through the lens of a male, I mean it was directed by one. So we meet Suzy; the camera takes close up views on her face and focuses on her features rather than what she is really doing. Then, we meet Sam and the camera is not as close, does not focus on his features, but more on his actions and the things he is doing on camera, like paddling a canoe for example. This immediately gave me, the viewer, the idea that the man, or in this case boy, would be doing all the work, while the female sat watching, looking pretty; typical.

moonrise suzy The next time in the film where we see this is when Sam and Suzy decide to take an inventory of the things they brought with them. Sam brought a hatchet, a compass, a tent, and other wilderness tools with him, while Suzy brought things like her brother’s record player, books, scissors, and her cat. The gender roles and expectations of the film are clearly mapped out here. Sam brings the shelter, the smarts, ways to get food on the table and organization. Suzy however, brings art, creativity, and pussy. Anderson made these things, the items the characters brought with them, seem to the audience like the things that mattered most to them. So, Sam brought everything he knew and was comfortable with and Suzy did the same.moonrise sam

Gender roles and expectations are again explored on the cove, where the two children set up camp. Suzy is undressed after swimming, wearing a bra and panties, and we see Sam wearing his shorts, not exposed in the least. He is using his water color set to paint her as she sits in her underwear with her cat. This part of the movie made me a little uncomfortable in the fact that these scenes in Suzy’s underwear are done with 12 year-old kids, rather than young adults or adults that we usually see in this manner on film. When the two decide too kiss and then explore parts of the body, Suzy tells Sam he is hard and Sam places his hand on her breast. Suzy, then assures Sam, they will grow. While, this made me chuckle a little, it was also difficult to watch. The fact that Suzy thinks she needs bigger boobs to impress this dude is the usual gender expectations of women that she is understanding at such a young age.

dancing on beach moonrise  The kids are not the only ones facing gender roles and expectations in the movie, but I feel like the gender roles and expectations of the film are centered around them more than the rest of the characters. While Moonrise Kingdom (2012) did succumb to the regular spheres of gender, it was still a really enjoyable movie and maybe my favorite one that we have watched in class this year. The film is a romantic comedy about coming of age. Moonrise Kingdom (2012) follows the love story of two troubled children who act like adults. They grow in themselves and each other, explore a new life and new things, and try to escape what they find to be horrible lives, only to be put back into the same one.

“This Been The Damn World”

I recently wrote a news feature for my Writing for New Media Environments class about the reactions of people on the sexual assault accusations that have been coming out in Hollywood and on the Hill, in politics. It was really interesting talking to these men and women about their reactions to what was going on. I interviewed a Political Science major at OSU, a media professor at MSJ, a communications major at MSJ, and a liberal arts major at MSJ; two of these interviewees were women and two were men. I only put three of the interviews into my feature, just because of length, but these insights really have influenced my view of what is going on, I feel like I understand more about what is going on and understand others’ views.

Through my research, I have also discovered that media, is not only covering what is going on, but they are also advocating for more women to come forward and get men and women both to understand what is going on. Talk show hosts are making efforts to campaign against the issue, like Samantha Bee, who recently released “A Penis PSA” to inform men what not to do with their penis. The ladies of SNL recently did a skit called “Welcome to Hell” which is really the anthem we need against sexual harassment. (links to both below)

Women know that sexual harassment is nothing new or surprising, but the issue coming out in bulk is what we’ve been waiting for. The SNL video is just welcoming men to the hell women have been living in…FOREVER. It is so brave of these women and men to come out against these powerful men who have been harassing so many for years. Hopefully this is the change we need. I hope that in the near future, we see more women in politics and Hollywood, so that we can have gender equality and can end the idea that women are just objects that men can control.

Top 10 Christmas Movies Everyone Should Watch This Holiday Season

Hi Everyone, today I️ am going to countdown the Christmas movies that I️ think are definitely worth watching this Holiday season and every year after!

10. Santa Clause (1994)

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This was always a must watch as a kid and when it comes on tv, I still love to watch it! Tim Allen is hilarious as you watch him become Santa Clause and learn the ropes while balancing a family back home. It’s a great movie for the family to watch.

9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

how the grinch stole christmas

Definitely used to be in the top 5 when I️ was younger, but it is still in my top 10. This movie is hilarious and so cute to watch as you follow young Cindy Lou Who on her journey to find out why the Grinch hates Christmas and change his mind. Perfect holiday movie for the family.

8. Fred Claus (2007)

fred claus

While Fred Clause may not be the greatest family movie of all time, I️ first watched it with my family and it’s one of my favorites. Vince Vaughn is perfect for the role of Fred, Santa Clause’s older brother who has been undermined by the jolly guy his entire life. You follow him as he makes amends with his famous brother.

7. Elf (2003)


Elf is one of everyone’s favorite Christmas movies. You watch as an elf from the North Pole, comes to New York City and takes his try at a normal life when he realizes he wasn’t born at the North Pole and searches for his real father. I️t is a great movie to watch with family and friends, maybe a couple times this season.

6. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

chirstmas vacation

One of my dad’s favorite movies that I’ve already seen 4 times this year, follows Clark Griswold and his family as they host Christmas at their house. Clark is always getting into some crazy shenanigans in the vacation movies, and he doesn’t fail to be the lovable idiot in this version either.

5. Deck the Halls (2006)

deck the halls movie

This hilarious movie is about neighbors who refuse to be outdone by the other when it comes to their Christmas decorations and lights. Danny even has plans to make his house be seen from space. It stars Danny Devito and Mathew Broderick and you should really check it out this December.

4. Christmas With the Kranks (2004)

chistmas with the kranks

Another Tim Allen movie, where a couple decides to boycott Christmas and go on a cruise until they find out their daughter surprised them by coming home for Christmas and have to get a party together in just a few hours. It’s all around hilarious and perfect for the family. #FREEFROSTY

3. White Christmas (1954)

white christmas mvoie

A musical starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen who are performing together in Vermont, when they run into an old friend who is having financial trouble and decide to save his Inn with a musical extravaganza. If you love musicals and Christmas this movie is perfect for you. You can even go see it in certain movie theaters this time of year.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

its a wonderful life movie

This classic movie should be watched every holiday season and it, too, has special shows at movie theaters. This movie is about George Bailey who wishes he had never been born, he then meets an angel who shows him what everyone’s life would be like without him. You made shed some tears, but you will enjoy every minute of this film.

1. Four Christmases (2008)

four christmases

This is definitely my favorite Christmas movie of all time. It is so funny. We watch as Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon go to four different family Christmases and nothing goes as planned. It is definitely worth the watch.


I hope you enjoyed this list of my top 10 favorite movies! If you think one of your favorites should be on the list, let me know in the comments.

Happy Holidays!

Sydney’s Favorite Things

Last week, Oprah came out with her list of “Oprah’s favorite things” for 2017, so I thought I would create a list of my favorite things. ( I promise it won’t be nearly as long. )

1. My Kurieg

I love coffee and my Kurieg is a life saver. I can just put my Yeti underneath, press a button, finish getting ready and go to class. It saves money, compared to buying Starbucks everyday and it helps that it is a pretty blue, too. And according to an article in TIME magazine, an 8 oz coffee a day will lower your risk of stroke and coronary heart disease by at least 5%, so double win! 


My yeti is my best friend. I can put coffee, tea, water, fruit punch, ANYTHING in it and I can count on it being cold or hot for basically eternity, well not really, but you get the idea. Even my off brand yetis work just as well. 

3. Stickers

I’m obsessed with stickers, I have them on my cups and on my laptop. The putting stickers on laptop trend is great and I am here for it, 100%. I have so many and I just bought a few more. You can get them on amazon for cheap or you can find a brand of something that gives away free stickers with a purchase, like Vineyard Vines.

4. Birkenstocks

I literally own so many pairs of birks and to be honest they all look the same, but I’m obsessed. They are comfy and stylish and made for men or women. They may be a boho thing or millennial thing, but hey I’ll jump aboard the white girl train because these shoes birkenROCK.

5. Vineyard Vines T-shirts

So, I personally do not wear the whale because I am a broke college student, but my boyfriend is obsessed and they are petty cool. I love the T-shirts, for both guys and girls. All of their styles are super cute. Plus, my boyfriend looks good in them.

6. Amazon Fire Stick

For like forty dollars, I bought a fire stick that plugs into my tv and I can use it to watch Netflix or I can download movies and even Spotify. I use my fire stick everyday and it’s awesome!

7. Apple Music

I love music and I am constantly listening to new songs and making new playlists for myself or my friends, so Apple Music is perfect. For just $4.99/month, I can listen to any song ever created, anytime I want, download it and I can stream it wherever. My boyfriend uses Spotify and it’s basically the same thing, but either one is definitely worth checking out.

8. Popsocket

I know, another basic product. Well, when I first heard about Popsockets on Mashable, I had to get one and now I don’t think I could hold my phone without it! It gives you a better grip, you can use it as a stand, or place it in the car stand and use it to easily see your gps directions. All of my friends and family now have them and if you do not, they are definitely worth the money and come in super cute colors and designs.

These are just a few of my favorite products that I use daily. What are some of your favorite things?